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Leather Pipe Accessories:

Pipe Cleaner Holders:

Ever since my first Richmond Show, people have been asking for these. I made two at show for one of the exhibitors and I guess word has gotten around.

These are made from an assortment of leathers, as available. While the majority are made from cowhide, I often have water buffalo, bison and even more exotic leathers like antelope.

They come in 2 basic sizes, the regular size which can hold up to about about 20 pipe cleaners and a larger size, about 1 1/2 times the width of the regular that can hold up to 60 pipe cleaner.

Regular size pipe cleaner holders in cowhide are $20 each or 2 for $35.
The larger size pipe cleaner holders in cowhide are $30 each or 2 for $55.

To ask a question or order Pipe Cleaner Holders please click here to email me.

Below are some examples of Pipe Cleaner holders I brought to the 2011 Chicago Pipe show:

Leather Lighter Cases:

These leather lighter cases are custom made for a particular lighter. I have the forms for Old Boy Corona Pipe Lighters, Zippo Lighters and Tsubota Pearls. If you would like a lighter case made for a different lighter, you will have to send it to me and I'll return it in the custom case. Typically the cases run about $ 30 - $ 35 depending on the lighter. Here are some examples:

Dunhill Double Corona:

Dunhill Unique:

Corona Old Boys:

Tsubota Pearl:

Leather Pipe Rests:

These are typically made from 9/10 oz. leather and are fastened with either snaps (so that they can lay flat) or rivets which are permanent. They can also be made into "strings" for display. Pipe rests in standard cowhide are $10 each.

To ask a question or order Leather Pipe Rests please click here to email me.

Custom Leather Pipe Racks:

The origins of these racks come with a small story. Several years ago I was approached by Dave Field, pipe expert and principal of R.D. Field, LLC, who told me that back in the 60's he found an article in a leather craft magazine about how to make a hanging leather pipe rack. He had made two which were now about 40 years old, in disrepair and dry and needed some tlc. When they arrived at my home I thought they were great and after fixing up Dave's pair and making him several others he gave me permission to use the design.

They each hold eight pipes and can be made as right or left stem leaning racks and should be available in an assortment of colors. They are about 5 1/2" wide and 36 inches long. These are made from vegetable tanned belting leather are are cordovan in color. The leather is extremely high quality and the hardware is solid brass. You can see what they look like in use if you scroll down the page a ways.

These are typically made by custom order only.

For more information on these Leather Pipe Racks please click here to email me .

A pair of these Typrically runs $375. A single is usualy $200. The price cam change depending on leather or customization.

The next 2 pictures are Dave's original 1960's pipe racks after refurbishment. The are followed by picturtes of recent racks made for customers.

Note: Leather is a natural product. All leather has it's own grain and natural flaws which will vary from product to product. Very often the flaws, in the form of scars, brands and the animals inherent growth pattern will naturally become part of the leather and the design of the pouch. We believe this adds to the uniqueness of every pouch and pipe bag we design in leather. All the leather we use, including exotic leathers such as snakeskin, bison, etc., have been processed for legal distribution in the US and Canada and is legal as an export product from the US. All of my leather is purchased through 100% legal sources and I use no products that are in any way considered endangered or protected.