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Custom Orders:

Let me start off by saying that I will custom make virtually anything for you out of leather with some fairly straightforward caveats. First, I won't make or design something that I think is just a flat out bad idea. The design has to work and be comfortable and practical . Your pipes and accessories must be protected. I won't for the most part copy someone else's' design. Lastly, I don't use pipe loops. Pipe loops and the reason I started making bags in the first place. Having your pipes bang together every time the bag moves is just a bad idea in my opinion.

Although I have tried to anticipate what my customers want in terms of pipe pockets, accessory pockets, interior and exterior spaces, comfort, pipe tool sizes, etc., I know that every design can be expanded upon and that I certainly haven't thought of everything. In the event you want something done to a bag or holster that's not part of a current design or simply want to design your own bag, please contact me by phone or email and I will work with you to create the perfect bag or Smokin' Holster for your needs.

For any of the above or for anything else I can do for you please email me at

Note: Leather is a natural product. All leather has it's own grain and natural flaws which will vary from product to product. Very often the flaws, in the form of scars, brands and the animals inherent growth pattern will naturally become part of the leather and the design of the pouch. We believe this adds to the uniqueness of every pouch and pipe bag we design in leather. All the leather we use, including exotic leathers such as snakeskin, bison, etc., have been processed for legal distribution in the US and Canada and is legal as an export product from the US. All of my leather is purchased through 100% legal sources and I use no products that are in any way considered endangered or protected.